How was the PP Fund Used in 2016 to 2017


Target of Support What does this provide Rationale based on current research and estimated cost
Individual Student Support Contributions to
• Uniform costs
• Dietary needs
• Individual Therapy
• Transport costs
• Essential educational materials
When appropriate, the school will support students to overcome practical barriers to their academic progress in school.
£1 500
Evaluation Student needs are assessed on a case by case basis. By providing individual support, Y11 PP students improved their grades in Science, Music, Textiles, H+Soc, Maths and English.
In addition to study materials, 63 grants were made to PP students to alleviate the cost of transport, uniform, diet and therapy. Other PP students have improved attendance through higher levels of confidence and better life-skills, appropriate uniform and improved nutrition.
Total £3 136
Additional Academic Support • Revision Guides, work packs and revision stationary
• After school revision clinics
• Breakfast booster clubs
• Summer/Whitsun revision
• After-school quiet study area
• LRC and Learning Support Homework clubs
Student provided with regular revision support will develop good independent learning skills and make more progress.
£3 000
Evaluation Year 11 Exit Survey June 2017: 93% considered after school sessions excellent/good and 87% stated that revision preparation was excellent/good. They valued the quiet study area that was provided and revision sessions from staff. The minimal cost of running these activities provides good value for money. After school revision sessions and a quiet study area for Y11 sitting their exams in June 2018 will start earlier i.e. September 2017.

Total £190

Subject specific support • Additional support through 1:1 and small group tuition
• Department specific materials e.g. art/technology material, text books, stationary
• Additional music provision
Where appropriate, students will be provided with specific materials so that they are not dis-advantaged in any subjects and additional support to consolidate and extend the work covered in lessons.
£16 000
Evaluation PP students in Textiles benefitted from the provision of materials for practical work and their progress was higher than expectations. All students entered for the ECDL qualification and Business Studies, Health and Social Care also made better than expected progress. Calculators provided for KS3 Maths students showed improved performance in the end of year examinations. Students in maths and English provided with extra support reached higher grades in their GCSE examinations with one maths class making more than expected progress and one student reaching L9 in Maths. PP students in KS3 in maths and English with extra support are reducing gaps with their peers, 1 x PP student receiving 1.1 support in maths moved to a higher set. 5 Y11 PP students with extra English support and at risk of only reaching grades 1 or 2 reached grades 3 – 6. 9/12 PP students in Y7 – 10 receiving extra English support improved their levels and 2 Y7 PP students increased their reading age from 8 to 11 years. Provision of revision materials in Science contributed to narrowing progress gaps to only a few percent. In History, revision material contributed to PP students adding at least half a grade more to their results with 18% of PP students achieved A*/A grades and 40% made 4 LoP. In Geography, 10% more PP students made at least 3LoP and reduced the expected progress gap compared to non-PP students by a further 5% compared to the previous year.

Total £17 811

Enrichment activites • Contribution to educational trips and events e.g. Poland visit
• Contribution to music tuition
Enrichment activities extend the knowledge secured in lessons and are highly motivational, supporting rapid student progress.
£4 000
Evaluation The funding of instrumental lessons/singing in GCSE Music for 5 PP students allowed all to improve their grades by a minimum of one level with 80% PP students making at least 3LoP, 1 PP student reached grade C instead of D or E. 115 Y10 students benefitted from visits to local colleges of Further Education and 24 PP students were supported in attending educational and reward visits. PP students involved in Drama productions stated the benefits included improved drama skills, higher levels of concentration and the ability to memorise information.

Total £2 405

Improving Quality of teaching • More effective use of SEN information through Quality First Teaching
• Training on development of a Positive Growth Mind-set
High student aspirations and high quality teaching are essential to securing outstanding progress for all students.
£2 700
Evaluation LSAs benefitted from training with Read/Write software, Rapid Plus, EP Speech and Language, Accelerated Reader and individual subject specific training. More effective, earlier support and intervention by teachers and support staff reduced the number of behaviour points issued across the school to all students by nearly 4%.
Cross curricular support • Contribution to additional LSA/Senco support so students can access all areas of the curriculum
• Contribution to additional Pastoral support from Assistant progress Leaders to improve student attendance, behaviour and to strengthen school/family links.
• Contribution to Accelerated Reader Programme to improve student literacy
• Assessment materials
• Quiet after school study area
• Improving examination performance through Exam Reader and good quality provision for exam concessions
Students will only make good and outstanding progress if they have high levels of school attendance and have an appropriate level of literacy so that they can access all areas of the curriculum. The support will be provided in lessons as far as possible and appropriate. Supported will also be provided for examinations so that no student is disadvantaged.
£189 000
Evaluation The % of SEN students who are also PP will rise to 49% across the school in 2017 to 18. 7 SEN students, including 3 PP, made most progress in the practical GCSE subjects and BTecs. Attendance of PP and non-PP students was lower than the previous year but this was affected by a very small number of persistent absentees, some of who lived many miles outside of catchment area. This lowered the attendance of PP students by 1% overall and 6% for Y11 PP students. Without the support of APLs the attendance of PP students would have been lower.
7 students benefitted from the use of examination Read/Write software. In addition to the normal examination provision, 4 students were provided with an additional alternative exam venue and 1 PP student had their own room. 4 of these students had very low attendance prior to May but attended during the examination period.
90% of PP students make at least an additional 1 year gain on their reading age in Y7 and Y8.

Total £172 860

Support from External Agencies • Youth Family Matters
• Careers advice
• Counselling services
In areas that the school does not have the appropriate in-house expertise, external agencies will be used as required to support student progress.
£16 000
Evaluation All Y11 students received 1.1 career advice and attended a range of career events. A new careers provider, however, will be secured in 2017 -18 to provide this and careers advice to students in Y10 to 8. In 2016 – 17, 5 PP students received support from Youth Family Matters, helping to maintain their attendance.
Total £13 419
Alternative Provision • Tuition at Greenwood
• Alternative GCSE qualifications
For a small number of students, alternative academic routes will be provided so that they can make good progress.
£2 500
Evaluation In keeping with the “Every Child” matters philosophy at Testwood, 7 PP students at risk of leaving school with no qualifications were provided with alternative bases for part of their education. This included 1 x Y11 PP student who achieved Eng. Lang 3, Eng. Lit 2, Core Sci. E. In addition, a Y11 non-PP student achieved Maths 2, ECDL D*. In 2017 -18, it is expected that 8 students will require part of their education in alt. venues, of which 7 will be PP.
Total £27 538
Total Cost £237 736