Science – Subject Content KS4

Key Stage 4 – Subject Content:


All pupils will have the opportunity to achieve two Science GCSEs by following the GCSE Science course in Year 10, followed by Additional Science in Year 11.

Pupils that opt for triple Science will sit three GCSEs, one in each of; Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

GCSE Science (Year 10) 

Pupils study all three sciences using a variety of resources suited to their ability. We follow the AQA GCSE Science A Award which has four assessment units and leads to a single award GCSE. Each assessment unit contributes 25% of the final GCSE Science grade. Throughout the year pupils will study topics in all three Sciences. They will be assessed on three units (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) by three 60-minute written examinations taken in the summer of Year 11 (combined making up 75% of the final grade).

During Year 10 they will also be assessed by an Individual Skills Assignment (25% of final grade),  which  will  involve  researching  and  planning  an  investigation  to test  a  hypothesis,  practical work  and  then  data  processing, analysis  and  evaluating. The pupil’s skills in these areas will be assessed by two written examinations (a 45-minute and 50-minute examination).

GCSE Additional Science (Year 11) 

The AQA GCSE Additional Science course builds upon the course content taught in AQA GCSE Science A and leads to a separate single award GCSE. The award has four assessment units, each of which contributes 25% of the final GCSE Additional Science grade. Throughout the year pupils will study Biology, Chemistry and Physics units. Each unit, which makes up 25% of the final  grade, will be assessed by a 60-minute written examination in the summer of Year 11. The remaining 25% will be assessed by an Individual Skills Assignment (very similar in nature to those taken in Year 10) which will involve pupils carrying out a practical investigation and then sitting two written examinations to assess their skills in planning, data processing, analysis and evaluating.

Triple Science 

This course is offered only to our most able scientists. Again, pupils study all three sciences but in greater depth and breadth and take separate examinations leading to three GCSE qualifications in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Our pupils follow the AQA Separate Sciences Award.