Synthetic Turf Pitch (3rd Generation)

A full sized synthetic turf pitch (STP) that is fully floodlit and available to use all year round. The pitch is perfect for training in a range of sports and activities such as football, rugby, softball cricket and rounders.

We are proud to have long term agreements with community clubs such as Pace YFC, Lyndhurst Juniors FC and Winsor United Youth, as well as hosting adult small sided fixtures hosted by Leisure Leagues.

Hire options include full pitch or half pitch.


Sports Hall (Dimensions: 33m x 19m)

Our Sportshall features a Granwood sprung floor, offering an excellent surface for sports such as Handball, Netball, Basketball, Badminton and Futsal.

The lighting has been graded at Elite Level for Table Tennis and we are proud to be the venue of Waterside Table Tennis Club.

There are 4 cricket nets available with rollout artificial turf, along with 4 Badminton courts, a Netball court, 5-a-side Football, Futsal and Netball court. 5-a-side Football and Futsal goals are available as well as access to ceiling projector.


Gymnasium (Dimensions: 17.3 x 8.8m)

Our gymnasium features a hard wooden block floor with lots of natural light. This facility offers excellent provision for dance themed classes, fitness classes and martial arts.


Main Hall (Dimensions: Main room 15.2 x 13.9m, Recess room 8.4 x 5.0m)

Our main hall is a large area with a hard floor and a large stage that is accessible from two side staircases. The main hall can be split into two, with a smaller recess that has a small kitchen area attached. This facility is perfect for dance or drama themed classes, fitness classes and hosting parties or functions.

(Please note: The Main Hall is unavailable for hire on Thursdays due to school use)


Performance Studio (Dimensions:8.7 x 7.5m)

Our performance studio is designed as a professional space for dance groups, drama groups or choirs to rehearse with ample space. The studio contains full length wall mirrors, PA system, ceiling projector and screen. The performance studio would be suitable for dance groups and clubs, fitness clubs, choir and musical rehearsals, auditions and casting, photoshoots and filming location and more.


Rehearsal Room (Dimensions: 8.2 x 7.3m)

In addition to our performance studio, our rehearsal room is a perfect space to practice for dance groups, drama groups and choirs to rehearse. It would also be suitable for any regular group meetings, auditions and casting and more.


School Fields

Testwood School are very proud to have a large grass area that is regularly used throughout the academic year. We currently have four 11v11 football pitches with access to full size 11v11 roller goals, one 9v9 football pitch with access to 9v9 roller goals, as well as a rugby pitch with fixed goals. We also have two 7v7 and one 5v5 mini pitches currently marked out with access to two sets of roller goals.

Testwood School currently support a number of community clubs with evening and weekend fixtures, however, we promote the hiring of the grass facilities throughout the year. All of our marked pitches drain exceptionally well and very rarely have to cancel fixtures.


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