Food Technology

Head Of Subject: Mr A Brown

Year 7 : Healthy eating, to include work with fruit and vegetables to make a range of dishes and investigate basic nutrition. Pupils are introduced to nutrients programme.
Year 8 : Celebration foods, This module gives the pupils the opportunity to make shortcrust pastry, scones and all in one sponge. They use these skills to design and make a layered pudding and celebration cake. Recipes are analysed to pupils undertake portion control.
Year 9 : Packed lunches, Basic skills on bread and roux sauce. Practicals include making soup filled wraps and a choice of dishes suitable for teenagers for a packed lunch. Final presented using ICT.
Year 10 : Pupils learn a wide range of making skills and knowledge in preparation for their controlled assessment. They work in groups to arrange a presentation .
Year 11 : The year is spent on the controlled assessment and exam preparation.

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