Personal Development Learning – Subject Content

Year 7
PDL: Also dubbed ‘Learning to Learn’, Year 7 PDL focuses on developing students as learners, giving them the opportunity to practice and develop the important skills they need to be successful in all subjects. Students develop these skills through the study of PSHE, Citizenship and RE. The core content includes modules on Responsibility in individual, group and global settings, Community, The 2012 Olympics and Marketing Testwood Sports College.

Year 8
Citizenship: In Year 8 students study Citizenship modules focussing on Government, Freedom of Speech and Complex Communities.
PSHE: In Year 8 students complete modules on A Healthy Lifestyle, Families and Change and the Real Game.

Year 9
Citizenship: In Year 9 student study modules focussing on Justice and Protecting Rights and Responsibilities. A final module on Community Cohesion acts as preparation for the short course GCSE.

Year 10
Citizenship: In Year 10 students commence their study of the Edexcel GCSE Short Course in Citizenship Studies. They study 2 themes in preparation for the written exam: Theme 1: Rights and Responsibilities, Theme 2: Power, Politics and the Media. In Term 3 they will begin preparation for their coursework, which is to carry out a Community Based Project. For more information please visit the Edexcel Website by Clicking Here.
PSHE: Currently in Year 10 PSHE is delivered by tutors during morning registrations and covers an Introduction to CV building, Teenage Pregnancy, Work Experience choices,
Sex education – STIs, HIV and AIDS, Drugs Awareness and Binge drinking, Dealing with change/growth, Self Esteem and Cyber and Mobile Phone bullying.
Nb. From April 2013 Year 10 pupils will opt whether to take Citizenship or Religious Education as a half course GCSE through the PDL lessons.

Year 11Citizenship: In Year 11 students complete their coursework as controlled assessment and study the final theme for their written exam: Theme 3: The Global Community.
PSHE: Currently in Year 10 PSHE is delivered by tutors during morning registrations and includes aWork Experience follow-up, Careers and Higher Education, CV update, College applications and interviews. Managing risk: Drink, Drugs, Sexual relationships and Revision Skills.