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Key Stage 3
In key Stage 3 we nurture, extend and rigorously monitor your child’s progress through various methods. For example we use short term assessment which involves 6 key questions to check students understanding of current topics. This is followed up by oral and written evaluation from their teacher and peers. Students are then given a chance to revisit said topic at a later date by means of a second 6 key question assessment. Students are required to keep a tracker which shows their starting level, current level and Key Stage 3 target. This tracker also shows topic covered, grade/score achieved in 6 key questions assessment, feedback from peers or teacher and termly assessment level.
Termly Topics
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Key Stage 4
In key Stage 4 we run the EDEXCEL linear maths syllabus. Lessons are geared at giving your child the best opportunity to achieve well In their GCSE exams. The results have been improving each year and in 2012 52% of our pupils achieved an A*-C grade with 10% going even further and being awarded an A*-A grade..
Key to achieving these results has been the pupil’s energy, a strong tracking and support system which ensures that no child is left behind. Students who are identified as needing support are offered extra personal tuition and furthermore there are holiday classes available to all students who feel that they need extra help with maths.
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Gifted & Talented
At Testwood we are committed to enabling every pupil to achieve their full potential in maths. Identification of pupil who are gifted and talented is done early in year 7 through consultation with all maths staff. Gifted and talented provision in maths s coordinated by Mr M. Brown in liaison with the Head of Department Mr A Staines. The Gifted and Talented programme is aimed at promoting excellence in maths. It stretches and challenges students through differentiation in the classroom, opportunities to participate in a variety of local and regional math competitions including the World maths day. We also offer a gifted and talented maths club where students’ can seek to further develop their understanding of maths.