Learning Support – Subject Content

Key Subject Content:
The Learning Support Department comprises of the Learning Support room, Remove Room, Inclusion Room, Prince’s Trust, Catch Up, Key Skills, Wider Key Skills, Integrated Studies, and Learning Support classes.
Why should we have a Learning Support Department? Why is it important?
•To improve literacy and numeracy levels in order to cope with the whole school curriculum.
•Meet individual learning needs
•Promote Independent Learning
•Provide Skills for Life
•Be mentors/role models
•Promote social skills
•Personalised Learning
•Help pupils recognise their way of learning
•Support pupils with varying disabilities
•Support Teachers and pupils in the classroom
•Implement school policies
•Provide emotional support
•Provide information to staff i.e. IEP’s
•Encourage good home liaison
•Exam support
•Help move forward the school improvement plan

Key Skills & Attributes
•Ability to multi task
•Ability to support pupils across the key stages and subjects
•Interpersonal skills
•Organisational skills
•Behaviour Management skills
•SEN training – updated regularly
•IT skills
•Communication skills
•Sense of humour
•Listening Ear
•Team Players
What skills and knowledge do we want the pupils to develop?
•Coping strategies
•Thinking skills
•Develop self esteem – confidence
•Ability to cope in the classroom situation
•Achieve their targets
•Develop Life skills

Information for Parents & Students
At Testwood we want all of our pupils to achieve their full potential. We therefore plan the curriculum to meet the needs of pupils of all abilities.

To support pupils who experience difficulties with the work, we follow the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice to identify, assess and meet their needs.

A pupil’s needs are regularly assessed and supported as required.

Other support includes in-class help by a qualified Learning Support Assistant and occasionally withdrawn to provide extra help.

Emotional Literacy Support

At Testwood we are lucky enough to have 3 qualified Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning Assistants (SEAL’s)

The SEAL Coordinators provide support to pupils with problems on either a 1-1 or small group basis. They cover social skills, anger management, bereavement, friendship skills and other emotional problems. Pupils can be referred to the SEAL Coordinators by tutors or heads of year. The pupils have found this support very valuable in getting them through difficult times and all pupil and staff feedback has been very positive.