Geography – Subject Content

Year 7
‘The World At Our Feet’ – an introductory module looking at what Geography is and how to use maps, photographs and atlases.
‘Weather today & Microclimates’ – Aspects of weather and how it affects us; What are microclimates? Includes fieldwork around the school site.
‘Resources’ – Example of energy as a resource; the collection, usage and need for management.
‘Map skills’ – Developing abilities to use a range of map skills using Ordnance Survey maps of the local area.
‘Rivers and Floods!’ – Causes and effects of river flooding; Management of flood risks. Includes a fieldtrip to look at river in The New Forest.

Year 8
‘The Coast’ – Actions of the sea at the coast; The need for management strategies at the coast; Coastal defences. Includes a Year 8 Field Trip to the local coast.
‘Earthquake!’ – Plate tectonics; Cause and effects of earthquakes; Living with earthquakes.
‘Will tourism cost the Earth?’ – Aspects of impacts of tourism both positive and negative; how tourism can be sustainable.
‘People Everywhere’ – Where do people live, why are some areas sparsely populated and how do people survive in these areas?
‘Global Fashions’ – Looking at why are clothes and possessions are manufactured so cheaply and the consequences of this.

‘National Parks around the world’ – A whirlwind tour of a number of famous national parks around the world and the issues that exist in these locations,
‘Antarctica’ – What is it like?; What may the future of Antarctica be?
‘Investigating Brazil’ – Why was Brazil chosen for the location of the next Olympics? Why could Brazil be one of the next superpowers and why is it a country of inequalities?
‘Impossible Places’ – A tour of amazing places around the world which shouldn’t actually exist!
‘Geography of Crime’ – How geography may be used to identify patterns of crime and help with fighting crime.

Year 10
GCSE syllabus being followed is WJEC Geography A GCSE (2 year course)

Modules followed in Year 10 this year are;

Water – River processes and landforms; Managing rivers.
Climate change – Causes and effects; Reducing it’s impacts
Living in an active zone – Hazards at plate margins; Reducing the risks
Changing populations – World population distribution; Future distribution and structure
Interdependence – Trends in globalisation, Impacts in globalisation
Development – Measuring patterns of development; Achieving the millennium development goals

Useful Websites
BBC BitesizeInternet GeographyThe Geography SiteGeography at the Movies
Revision Guide

Recommended GCSE Revision Guide. GCSE Geography for WJEC(A) Available from Amazon

Year 11
GCSE syllabus being followed is WJEC Geography A.
Year 11 Modules
2 pieces of controlled assessment.
Living Things