Drama – Subject Content

Year 7
Mime – Archetypes, States of tension, motion
Melodrama – Dramatic tension
Pantomime – Audience engagement
Terry Green – Theatrical conventions, Brechtian theatre
‘Our Day Out’ – Scripted
‘Lord of the Flies’ – Improvisation.

Year 8
Mask – Physical expression
Radio drama – Vocal expression, soundscapes
Spontaneous improvisation – Rehearsal skills
Commedia dell’arte – Timing
Shakespeare – Monologues and duologues
Theatre in Education – Theme based, devised improvisation

Year 9
BTEC Performing Arts Award

Year 10
BTEC Performing Arts certificate

Year 11
60% practical coursework
40% written exam
Pupils will complete 2 pieces of practical coursework as part of a small group.
Pupils will be given the opportunity to watch live productions at the theatre in preparation for a written exam at the end of the course