Head Of Technology: Mrs M Jenkins
Email: m.jenkins@testwood.hants.sch.uk

Year 7 – Design and make a small fabric container to sell in a gallery shop featuring Modern Art.

Year 8 – Making and designing of an animal hat linked to Marwell Zoo.
Pattern making, development from research, use of moodboard, marketing, costing and presenting to client.

Year 9/10 – BTEC Art and Design through Textiles.
This BETEC aims to develop students ability to explore, research and produce aspects of artwork from contemporary, historical and cultural sources using influences from artists. Students will study 2D and 3D contemporary references and answer textile and photographic briefs. They will critically their own and others work and produce their own portfolio through an appropriate media.

Year 11 – GCSE Textiles.
Students will produce the necessary research, development and evaluation folder to create an outcome which answers a given design.

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