Physical Education

Head Of Subject: Miss K Barbour
Physical Education is an inclusive subject at Testwood School with the primary objective for pupils to progress, with fundamental skills, tactics and compositional ideas across a range of sports and enjoy lessons. Pupils have two hours of core PE, where they follow a programme of study that is specific to the progress of individual skills and tactics to support progression toward GCSE subjects.

Key Stage 3

Pupils are expected to be engaged throughout the whole lesson as a practitioner, an organiser, a coach or an officiator. This provides support to the pupils to be a well-rounded individual who has understanding of a sporting activity as a whole, not just as a performer. The programme of study focuses on the development of skills and techniques across a range of sporting activities and how to improve.

Pupils will be taught core skill during invasion activities such as Netball, Hockey, Rugby, Handball and Basketball, where the fundamentals of the sport are a focus. Pupils will also engage in aesthetic activities such as gymnastics, dance and fitness. During the gymnastic units, pupils will learn the basic travel elements such as forward rolls, cartwheels and partner balances before harnessing their own creativity as they design their own sequences. During the dance units, pupils will have a theme 1960’s Austin Powers, Bollywood or Superheroes and they apply the theme to a performance piece.

Key Stage 4

The focus of Physical Education at Key Stage 4 is to be physically active and learn what opportunities there are to support a healthy active lifestyle. The aim is to introduce activities that are brand new to the pupils and those that can be maintained throughout life, promoting positive well-being. Testwood firmly believe in supporting pupils in a variety of opportunities from fitness activities, officiating development, first aid understanding and continuing to enjoy sport.

OCR Sport Studies is currently being offered at GCSE level. The course explores the contemporary issues within sport, how media influences participation in sport, the development of how to become an effective leader and a practical sport unit building expertise in a team sport, an individual sport and how to become a proficient official.

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