Physical Education

Head Of Subject: Miss K Barbour
Core Physical Education
Pupils are taught the fundamental skills, tactics and compositional ideas behind performance during Key Stage 3 Physical Education.  When studying a wide range of games-based activities, pupils are taught core skills such as passing in Netball, dribbling in Basketball or tackling in Rugby.  This provides them with the grounding to develop into competent performers and competitors.  Pupils are also taught aesthetic activities such as Dance and Gymnastics.  The Dance unit consists of an ‘Austin Powers’ dance where pupil are taught all about the 60s and apply the theme of this era to their performances.  During Gymnastics pupils learn core skills such as forward rolls, cartwheels and pair-balances before harnessing their own creativity as they look to design their own sequences.

In Key Stage 4 pupils are provided with an opportunity to participate in a range of sporting activities with the objective of them adopting an active lifestyle as they begin to enter adulthood.  New sports such as American Football and Ultimate Frisbee are introduced where pupils enjoy learning a range of new skills in unfamiliar contexts.
Advanced skills and strategies are taught as pupils develop their expertise and look to apply tactics against their peers during lessons.  The more traditional sports are taught to a higher level as pupils become more experienced and as we look to encourage each child to specialise in their own activity and represent Testwood competitively.

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