Health & Social Care – Subject Content

Visits to Care Providers
During the autumn term students normally attend a fortnightly (1hr) placement at a local nursery/preschool where they can see an early years service provider in action and observe child development first hand. This is useful work experience and allows the students to consider the pros and cons of a career in early years learning. This is timetable dependent however as we need a morning slot to fit in with nursery routines.

During Year 11 we visit a care provider in order to gather primary research for the Unit 2 controlled assessment. In the past this has been at the General Hospital, The Princess Anne Hospital or a local care home. The purpose of the visit is to investigate how the service meets people’s needs and to learn more about a range of job roles.

During Year 11 the students normally attend the Healthcare Science event at Southampton general hospital. This is an opportunity to learn about more “behind the scenes” job roles that they may not otherwise be aware of. The Hospital always provides an interactive experience, which is both informative and fun.

Year 10
Unit 1 – Understanding Personal Development & Relationships (Worth 40%)
This unit helps students to understand how people grow and develop, as well as the personal relationships people have during their lives. Students will look at how people progress from birth right through to later adulthood. This knowledge helps students to understand others and also themselves.

This unit contains the following four topics:

  • Human growth and development
  • Factors affecting human growth and development
  • Effects of relationships on personal growth and development
  • The effect of life events on personal development


This unit is assessed through a 1 hour and 15 minute written examination paper, which has a total of 70 marks. The paper consists of 15 multiple-choice questions and a series of questions based on case studies and short scenarios.

Year 11
Unit 2 – Exploring Health, Social Care & Early Years Provision (60%)
This unit is based on an investigation into the needs of one person and how health, social care and early years organisations meet those needs. This involves visiting a care provider as outlined above.

This unit contains five topics:

  • The range of care needs of major client groups.
  • How health care, social care and early years services are accessed and the barriers to access.
  • How health, social care and early years services are provided.
  • Workers in health, social care and early years.
  • Care values which underpin service provider interaction.


Students complete a controlled assessment (written report) over a number of weeks using the evidence they have gathered from a visit to a care provider, interview with a service user and staff members, plus secondary research from the library/internet.