Pastoral Care Years 7 & 8

Mr Chris Jenkins

I joined Testwood School in September 2001 as PE teacher to develop rugby across the school curriculum. Since then, I have been a Pastoral Leader for 12 years and am currently teaching Maths as my main subject.

Year 7 Overview

Year 7 aims to ensure that all students begin their secondary education in a positive manner in order for them to make the required amount of progress in all their lessons.

Prior to your son/daughter starting at Testwood School, my main role is to ensure that the transition from Primary to Secondary School is as smooth and as stress free as possible. Hopefully, this will be achieved by regular meetings with all our feeder schools to obtain the necessary information to plan for any support that is needed.

All the Tutor Groups are assigned Senior Prefects who they will meet prior to starting at Testwood School. The Prefects will help your child settle during the first half term, especially with the geography of the school site and with any questions that they may have.

The focus for the start of their first half term at Testwood School is to encourage students to become more independent in their approach to their learning, while developing an ethos of ‘valuing education’ and its importance to the wider world.

I feel that Year 7 is one of the most important years at Secondary School, as this allows all students to build the foundations for their future.

Year 8 overview

Year 8 is a real opportunity for our students to shine. They have settled into life at Testwood School and are now in a good position to flourish both in the classroom and through extra-curricular activities and responsibilities.

During Year 8 we support and challenge our students to make rapid and sustained progress in all academic areas, as this will provide the foundations for future success in Key Stage 4.

During this year, we encourage the students to make the most of the wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer and encourage our students to work towards and apply for leadership roles within the college. In particular, we run a highly successful Young Leaders programme, which enables our students to work in our local feeder schools and to support local events. Other leadership opportunities include Literacy Leaders, which involves supporting younger students with their reading both at Testwood and in junior schools. These opportunities lay the foundations for other roles and responsibilities which become available at Key Stage 4.

Our focus during the year is ‘to make the most of your opportunities’.

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