Teaching Staff 2018- 19

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Senior Team
Mrs J Pitman- Headteacher
Mr T Webber – Deputy Headteacher
Mr D Murphy – Assistant Headteacher
Mr M Shipsides – Assistant Headteacher
Mrs C Sim – Assistant Headteacher

Progress Leaders

Mr C Jenkins Year 7 & 8 
Mr P Ward Years 9 & 11
Mr D Murphy Year 10

Mrs R Hickman (Head of Dept)

Mrs A Barnes

Mrs J Housham (Head of Dept)
Mrs H Richbell
Mrs E Hansford
Miss B Snook
Mrs M Fox
Mrs M Jones
Miss J Mack
Mrs V Ukahi

Health & Social Care
Mrs S Challis
Mrs N Braithwaite

Mr N Gilbert (Faculty Head)
Mrs T Leyman
Mrs K Isaac
Miss K Collins
Mr R Gale

                                                   Support Staff

Learning Support Assistants
Mrs G Avery
Mrs H Haskell
Miss A Hills
Mrs L Johnson
Mrs K Knowlton
Miss K Slater
Mrs J Spillar
Mrs V Taylor

Cover Supervisors
Mr T Newman
Miss M Robertson
Mrs J Macey

Mrs T Kelsey (Inclusion Manager)

Learning Resource Centre
Mrs P Campbell (LRC Manager)

Mrs L Long
Mrs J Lucas
Mr P Olney

Mr P Kakel

IT Support
Mr A Skeels (IT Manager)
Mr A Abraham

Community Officer
Mr J Cross

Mrs R Gee

e.g. A  Smith would be:

ICT & Business Studies
Mr D Pearne (Head of Dept)
Miss G Mabey
Mrs N Braithwaite

Mrs A Morley  (Head of Dept)
Mr N Ainsworth
Mr D Atkinson
Mr C Chikhungu
Mr C Jenkins
Mr T Sripan
Mr A Terblanche

Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs C Peters (Head of Dept)
Mrs D Rennie
Mrs K Betti

Mr C Byrne (Head of Performing Arts)

PE & Dance
Miss K Barbour (Head of Dept)
Mrs R Brown
Mr N Ainsworth
Mr C Manning

Science and Technology
Mr G Rothwell (Head of Dept)
Mr A Batt
Mrs K Lancaster
Mrs K Johnson
Mrs C Hodgson
Mrs M Jenkins

Mrs C Sim


Administration Staff

Mrs J Giles (SIMS Manager)
Mrs F Jarvis (Matron)
Mrs M Meadus (Receptionist)
Mrs A Putman (Admin Assistant)
Mrs P Smith (Attendance Officer)
Mrs C Suttle (Exams Officer)

Mrs J Barker (Director of Finance)
Mrs M Aouichaoui

Headteachers PA
Mrs J Baker

Mr R Rossiter (Chef Manager)
Mrs H Chalk
Mrs L Mattingly
Mrs D Stannard

Premises Staff

Mr S Parsons (Site Manager)
Mr R Christie
Mr A Stenning
Mrs L Pointer (Cleaning Supervisor)

Mrs J Christopher
Mr M Christopher
Mrs V Ganter
Mrs K Hollyoake
Miss C King
Mr J Moody
Mrs L Pointer
Mr D Russell
Mrs C Slater
Mr C Walford
Mr B Wiltshire
Mrs L Wiltshire