How was the PP Fund be used 2017 to 2018


Target of Support What does this provide Rationale based on current research and estimated cost
Individual Student Support Contributions to

  • Uniform costs
  • Dietary needs
  • Individual Therapy
  • Transport costs
  • Essential educational materials
  • Badges and other rewards
When appropriate, the school will support students to overcome practical barriers to their academic progress in school. Students who feel recognised for the work are more likely to have good attendance.


Student needs are assessed on an individual case basis. In addition to study materials provided for Art, Photography and general stationary more than 50 grants were given to individual students to support the family with the cost of uniform, food, transport and therapy. 54 PP students were awarded merit badges and nearly 500 received postcards in recognition of their good work.
Additional Academic Support • Revision Guides, work packs and revision stationary
• After school revision clinics
• Breakfast booster clubs
• Summer/Whitsun revision
• After-school quiet study area
• LRC and Learning Support Homework clubs
Students provided with regular revision support will develop good independent learning skills and make more progress.
Feedback from students showed that they valued the revision sessions run after school each day from October in every subject. PP students in Geography benefited from new Revision guides, subsidised by PP funding, 1 student achieving L8.

Subject specific support • Additional support through 1:1 and small group tuition
• Department specific materials e.g. art/technology material, text books, stationary
• Additional music provision
Where appropriate, students will be provided with specific materials so that they are not dis-advantaged in any subjects and additional support to consolidate and extend the work covered in lessons.
£18 000
7 PP students out of 8 provided with extra support in Business Studies achieved a Pass grade and a student provided with materials for photography is one of the highest achieving member of the class. 33% in a Year 11 English Literature class provided with extra support made better than expected progress and 73% of a Year 11 Maths class with extra support made their expected progress or better. No PP students in this class made less progress than expected.
Enrichment activites • Contribution to educational trips and events e.g. Poland visit
• Contribution to music tuition
Enrichment activities extend the knowledge secured in lessons and are highly motivational, supporting rapid student progress.
Over £1000 was provided for students to allow them to participate in a range of school events including the School Production, visits to Strasbourg, Poland, Art galleries, and London Theatres. Students attending theatre events stated a range of benefits that included having a better understanding of the art of performing, becoming better at learning scripts and increased self-confidence to perform themselves. 50% of the PP students studying Drama made above expected progress. Students funded for visits to castles and Poland stated that it helped put the work into context, complete assignments and enhance their study skills. A further £900 was provided for additional music tuition to support students on their GCSE course or with a passion for music. Through the support, 2 PP students made 3 LoP and 1 made 5 LoP. In Y9, student numbers opting for GCSE Music has soared to 42 students of which 25% are PP.
Improving Quality of teaching • More effective use of SEN information through CPD
• Training on development of a Positive Growth Mind-set, marking and feedback.
High student aspirations and high quality teaching are essential to securing outstanding progress for all students. Students who receive the best teaching make the most progress.
Cross curricular support • Contribution to additional LSA/Senco, SLT support so students can access all areas of the curriculum
• Support from Assistant Progress Leaders to improve student attendance, behaviour and to strengthen school/family links.
• Contribution to Accelerated Reader Programme to improve student literacy
• Assessment materials
• Improving examination performance through Exam Reader and high quality provision for exam concessions
• Support from external providers to develop student study skills
Students will only make good and outstanding progress if they have high levels of school attendance and have an appropriate level of literacy so that they can access all areas of the curriculum. 18% of the SEN students are also PP.  The support will be provided in lessons as far as possible and appropriate.  Supported will also be provided for examinations so that no student is disadvantaged.

£139 000

Support from External Agencies • Youth Family Matters
• Careers advice
• Counselling services
In areas that the school does not have the appropriate in-house expertise, external agencies will be used as required to support student progress.
£15 000
Alternative Provision
  • Tuition at Greenwood
  • Additional GCSE qualifications
  • On-line learning platforms
For a small number of students, alternative academic routes will be provided so that they can make good progress.
£25 000
Total Cost   £208 000