Barriers To Student Progress 2017 to 2018

In-School barriers 2017 to 18
A. Gaps in attainment and progress that develop in KS4 are more difficult to reduce than gaps in KS3. The P8 gap for the 2016 to 17 cohort increased slightly from +0.10 in August 2016 to -0.31 August 2017. Y11 boys made less progress than Y11 girls.
B. The % of PP at chronological reading age in Yr7 is lower than non PP Students.
C. For a small number of PP Students their behaviour for learning  and intrinsic motivation are barriers.

External Barriers 2016 to 17
A. Attendance of PP students is lower, on average than non-PP students. Attendance of PP boys is lower than PP girls.
B. Students often have low aspirations about what they think they can achieve after leaving school.